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New opportunities 2020

With ITACA SRL, from the creation of “Smart Factories" to the possibilities of tax benefits.

Video presentation

Have a look at our video presentation to quickly understand how we integrate into Business Process Automation

  • Scheduling, Monitoring and Control of Industrial Processes

    We were among the first to create system integrators that can communicate with industrial machines and therefore offer planning, management and control solutions.
    "Polifemo Xe" s the perfect example of our groundbreaking vision: we help companies to get "smart" thanks to our bespoke and expandable software, already aligned with "Industry 4.0"

  • Traceability and eco-sustainability

    Our application software can trace the movements of raw and processed materials, allowing you to insert your business in any verification and control path if a cycles’ analysis, an environmental impact or a sustainability assessment (LCA e LCC) has to be conducted.

  • Application areas

    Our software systems are completely customizable and expandable to meet our costumers’ needs. As an evidence of their flexibility here is a list of the very different sectors we worked with: metal and household appliance manufacturing industry, (IQMS), molding, extrusion and thermoforming; footwear industry; nuclear waste storage.

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