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Itaca srl - customized software solutions

Software tailoring, the exaltation of Made in Italy
ITACA was founded in February 1994 with the aim of providing a series of products and production methods, aimed at optimizing the production process, thanks to technological and methodical innovation.
The M.E.S. polifemo Xe is the summary of years of experience and a wise forward-looking vision that has naturally transported us to be leaders in implementations for Industry 4.0.

Our products

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Polifemo Xe - Our MES solution for Industry 4.0
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Polifemo PU - MES for the footware industry
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IQMS - Integrated Quality Management System
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Environmental sustainability analysis system

Itaca for Industry 4.0

Transformation into a Smart Factory

Polifemo Xe for Industry 4.0: We are able to interconnect any machine on the market to make your company effectively productive.

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