Polifemo Xe is our complete and customizable MES (Manufacturing Execution System) solution, align with the opportunities that Industry 4.0 concern.
Completely developed within our structure, Polifemo Xe summarizes Itaca's over 25 years of experience in the development of software specialized in the control and optimization of production processes.
Polifemo Xe was born from the need to finalize all our main applications in a product, giving life to a software capable of embracing various fields of industrial application, (molding, textiles, automotive, homeappliances, metalworking, etc.), using and adapting a very stable and good structure to the specific application.
Having been really close to multiple and different production sectors, has provided us with the necessary experience immediately usable by the user.
Polifemo Xe is to all intents and purposes an MES system and as such performs all the functions that are required of these types of software, scheduling and programming of production for each process activity level, real-time control of the progress orders, management of the quality controls and maintenance scheduling, till the data reports for the historical statistical analysis.
What really differentiates Polifemo Xe from the competition is the approach that the "digital" software has on the "analog" life of the company. Coming from real and different application experiences, our MES completes, manages and improves the various working phases, never inserting itself as further “problems” in the chain of events.

Functionality and modularity

Polifemo Xe is studied directly on its solid software core, constantly improved and made more and more performing thanks to the experience in real installations in various application sectors.
The structure is modular and therefore functions can be easily expanded while remaining at the forefront both in terms of performance and applicability.
The software guarantees maximum and complete integration with existing business systems.
The system "acquires" data from management software (ERP and others), such as, for example, personal data, orders, items, and returns the "products" to it, for the various stages of the process, for a timely alignment of the warehouses, both of raw materials and of semi-finished products and of finished products. We need a Server as a data collector and multiple clients with different access rights depending on user authorizzation. There is the opportunity to allows “stand-alone” management with local insertion of everything necessary for production.
The short-medium-long term planning is possible through an interactive tool in which the orders already planned or to be planned for the different weeks of production, starting from the current one, with the workload to be distributed on the different machines are displayed. (or groups of machines). Both manual mode planning with Drag & Drop methodology and automatic mode with defined criteria is available.
The production scheduling through the Gantt chart in manual Drag & Drop mode, allows a quick, simple, and intuitive visualization of the programming by machine or work island, reducing errors, optimizing both the number of necessary resources and the relative workload, both set-up, start-up and production changeover times. Each "brick" corresponds to a production batch. The schedule is in real-time updated, according to the actual progress of each individual order, thus checking compliance with the requested delivery date. Semi-automatic multiphase programming is also available with established control criteria to avoid interlocking between the different phases and automatic leveling, through a simple single-level optimization algorithm, which allows the scheduling of each machine to be managed. The logic of the colors of the interface allows you to control the programming according to the criteria chosen by the operator, making the search immediate, by batch, PN, order, raw material, etc. .. It is possible to manage items in the equipment database. Different and with multiple footprints, associated with the same equipment. In the phase of entering orders in programming, it will be possible to associate multiple orders for different items to the same machine, managing their progress.
The planning and scheduling activities take into account the settable and variable machine-department work calendar.
Unit Synoptic
(per production area, machines group, multi-plant locations, ect.)
The system, through the department synoptic is the picture of the company layout, allows a real-time display of the status of the machines, or work islands, of the processing cycle, of the progress of the order, of the signals of a series of configured alarms from personal data, assigned operator and other. The connection to the machines is defined according to the type of machine. If it is possible, it is preferred through predefined standard communication protocols (Euromap 63- Euromap 77- Opc etc.), also for the “bidirectionality”, required as a fundamental requirement of many Nationals Industry 4.0 Plans, otherwise through digital contacts to a PLC panel.
Machine Synoptic
It represents the information center that the department operator sees and the activities to follow on the single machine. You can observe many informations connecting to the production items, such as the progress of the production batch and percentage, cycle-time, downtime, production progress and match between planned end of production and the real one, any quality controls to be perform and other. It is possible even collect useful information as the downtime reason, scrap reason, changeover, alarms management, tracking and tracing, etc.
Quality Controls are possible by setting specific operational alarms in the database, which are signaled, both on a tablet - PC (or other device), in order to carry out quality checks.
The Maintenance Checks are possible through the machine setting in the "equipment database", with specific operational alarms that are signaled, both on the palmtop and on the PC (or other device), in order to follow maintenance checks on the machines (oil change etc.) or on the equipment (scheduled maintenance).
The intervention, in terms of date - time - operator remain stored in the database for traceability.
The system allows the extraordinary maintenance management of machines / tools and / or quality controls on articles, requested and made directly by the machine operator, with recording of the intervention history, filterable by time period, article / tool / machine / type of activity. It is possible to noted type of intervention and other specific information.
The system allows the management of documents in PDF or JPG format, to be displayed on the Client workstations, depending on the type of tool or item programmed in the machine. Also valid for manual workstations and virtual machines.
Document Management for Quality and Maintenance "Output to Client"
It is possible to manage documentation in PDF or JPG format, to be displayed in the Client workstations, depending on the type of item / tool / machine, in the ordinary maintenance and quality modules. In detail, the procedure allows you to define, for each item and for each checklist, a series of documents, making them available in the operational phase to those assigned to the various tasks (maintenance and quality)

Document Management for Quality and Maintenance "Input from Client"
It is possible to manage documentation in JPG format, to be introduced in the Client workstations, with a special camera or video camera connected to the workstation, depending on the type of item / tool / machine, of both ordinary and extraordinary maintenance and quality management modules. In detail, the procedure allows you to introduce, for each item and for each checklist, a series of images making them available in the consultation phase of the various histories (maintenance and quality).
With Polifemo, it is possible manage and registration of non-conformities.
The system allows to manage manual workstations or virtual machines for which it is possible to plan/schedule the production and where it is possible to manually enter with production data, by reading special bar codes, the production carried out, scrap, etc.
The system allows to manage, in the items database, throgh specific fields for register weight of the part-item or assembled part-item / semi-finished products (as bill of materials) and packaging. There are available the picking list of the material-semi-finished-packaging requirements, overall or detailed by machine by item planned, and with the final balance of materials consumed by item.
The application allows the printing management of single or summary labels, collecting the number of pieces per package and the number of packages per pallet in the item database. On the label, the production order, batch and other required codes or parameters are printed. The labeling allows identification for any subsequent phases and processing, for storage, its location and supply chain management.
The system provides a series of historical data reports of production, downtime, rejects, according to an advanced filter search, allowing a subdivision by reason, by machine, by PN, by batch, by date, etc.
The historical data tables, as well as being structured as a Pivot, can be exported in standard formats and configurable at the user level. It is also possible the complete consultation of all the production statistics being able to rely on a graphic engine that allows the capillary analysis of all the substantial data defined by the system (KPI, OEE) and by the user, analyzing the individual phases of interest.
You will therefore have correct and consistent feedback on the progress of production with all possible data, including downtime, maintenance and operator actions. The reporting can be customized on specific needs.
The system with a solid and complete database structure, it is ready to be align to the specific and details traceability requirements of the whole chain.
It is also possible to calculate the sustainability impact assessment (LCA-LCC).
Itaca is available for customization and verticalization on specific needs.

Optional features

Polifemo Xe, thanks to the profound modularity of the project, includes the possibility of adding real specific applications that have the characteristic of integrating perfectly with both the basic software and the company specifications.
The latest created in chronological order, Igea Trax, allows, among other things, to contribute interactively to the prevention of COVID19 in companies by managing the proximity of workers to work and the use of personal protective equipment.

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