Wharehouse and Logistic Module

This module can be perfectly integrated with the MES Polifemo. The proposed software solution uses commercial and non-proprietary technological platforms, with hardware of the highest quality and reliability. From the software point of view, the system uses the most modern development technologies. The general methodology applied is to be not very intrusive in the operating modes of the process, intervening in a targeted manner in order to obtain a centralization of the data and a wider usability at the company level. In principle, the module could be divided as follows:
It is essential to share the item master data and the bill of materials with the management system through a tabular interface, which allows you to keep the information aligned.
The general philosophy of the project is not to upset and to preserve the investments made over the years by integrating and perfecting what exists, computerizing some procedures and operating methods currently managed manually or isolated from the general company context. The system database is prepared for the export of information in a structured manner, allowing you to keep updated, as well as the management system, other IT systems currently present in the company.
Production and Purchase orders
It is possible to manage and track all types of transport documents, from purchase orders, to exit and return documents for processing, to picking lists for shipments. For this purpose, a synchronization procedure is provided with the management system, if present, which allows the alignment of data, both in import and export.
This module allows you to track the packages in the warehouse, whether they are raw materials, semi-finished or finished products.
With our system we are able to:
  • Trace the incoming materials matching each their quality checks.
  • Ability to locate individual packages and / or pallets in specific areas of the warehouse.
  • Generate list of material picking to be brought on workplace area.
  • Declaration of material batch used during the production of a specific batch.
  • Go back to all packages that were produced with a certain batch of material.
  • Track every type of coded processing, both internal and external (subcontracts), that the package has undergone with the relative batches of materials used.
  • Generation and processing of picking lists via fixed or mobile workstations.
  • Track the packages shipped.
  • Create / modify packages and pallets, identified by labels.
  • Handling of packages inside the warehouse.
  • Warehouse query about the location and/or availability of an item.
  • Inventory.
Inbound Warehouse - raw materials and semi-finished products
The material traceability module allows to identify incoming materials using barcode labels. These identifiers can be used in all warehouse operations, making easier both the traceability of the product, in the subsequent stages of the process, but also the operational functions of verification and quality control.
During this phase, the system can carry out quality and administrative checks on the materials, providing for a consistency check procedure between the incoming material, the transport document and the supplier order being processed.
The control operator, using the software module and a palmtop equipped with a laser reader, will be able to quickly identify the material to be checked. Once the checks foreseen in the personal data for that particular material have been carried out, the results can be stored in the database through the PDA itself. The type of check carried out can be simple to check with “OK / NOT OK”, or with the recording of physical and dimensional parameters, according to the list provided. In this way, a trace remains of the verification and it will be impossible to process material not approved by quality control (Audit) at any subsequent stage.
In the case of management software (ERP system), it is possible to synchronize the purchase orders.
Warehouse Mapping
There is a graphic module to manage the location of the materials in the various warehouse areas with the storage period visible in real time to manage better according the FIFO's standard process. Through a special personal data field it is also possible to implement alarms relating to the obsolescence of materials susceptible to aging. The consultation of this information, both in graphic and tabular form, can be carried out from a fixed station (network PC) or from a mobile station (palmtop or Wi-Fi tablet).
It is possible to define generic warehouse areas and/or with shelving, to which it is possible to associate coordinates (warehouse, area, row, floor, box) that identify the precise location of the item.
Outbound Warehouse - finished product and shipping
The Outbound warehouse can be equipped with a modern Wi-Fi management system. The need is to follow the product barcode until departure for the final destination. With this software operation we are able to mapping the outbound warehouse giving the possibility to trace the life of the product outside the outbound warehouse (Distribution Chain and Final Customer), and for the possibility of mapping the PF warehouse. Using the product data, it is possible to manage and verify the consistency of the type of packaging used in shipping. For this purpose, a notification of the type of container to be used for each specific product must be provided. The hand-held procedure allows you to check the products associated with the fulfillment of an order and the automatic generation of a shipping report to be applied to the package with the relative label.
A pre-bill is also prepared for the management system which, simply confirmed, generates the appropriate delivery note.


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