Is the production process of your company ECO-SUSTAINABLE?
With our solutions you can:

- Analyze and evaluate the environmental impacts of your process and your products.
- Find out your company consumption and emissions.
- Take under control your product and process.
- Calculate the environmental impact of each batch based on the path of the chain.



From production to distribution: TRACKING and TRACING
With our solutions you can:

- Take under control all, from raw material to the shipment in both directions.
- Take advantage of an integrated chain traceability system, with LCA and LCC analysis and calculation.
- Identify the batch using the best technologies (Barcode / RFID)
- Monitor and control of the materials, the transformation processes and connected activities.

you can do it now with

The right solution for you!

Itaca srl is one of the first European System Integrators to have built a connection systems with industrial machines for both statistical and management uses.

POLIFEMO Xe, is our M.E.S. for the planning, monitoring and control of your industrial processes; it can be fully integrates with your software and hardware systems to improve efficiency, reduce scrap and waste optimizing all resources.

POLIFEMO Xe, makes companies "Smart" according Industry 4.0 standard.


Our applications you can:

  • Take under control the effectiveness of production processes (O.E.E.- KPI- etc.) and develop them, according the continuous improvement criteria.
  • Plan the work correctly and homogeneously.
  • Increase the efficiency.
  • Reduce scrap.
  • Quickly understand process issues to act faster in terms of problem solving and improvement activity.
  • Optimize internal and external resources.
  • Risolvere velocemente e consapevolmente le problematiche improvvise.
  • Plan maintenance and shifts.
  • Have complete traceability of the material flow movements.
  • Analysis of production cycles.
  • Environmental impact analysis and evaluation of its own eco-sustainability (LCA and LCC.

Our applications are completely customizable and expandable,
according to the most details needs, in any industrial sector.

Watch our video to quickly understand how we integrate systems



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